Invited Speakers

Sara Nosari
University of Turin, Italy

Sara Nosari is full professor of Education in the Department of Philosophy and Sciences of Education at the University of Turin, where she teaches “Pedagogy of creativity” and “Pedagogical theories and practices of change”. Her fields of study concern the founding principles of the educational process (educability, character, creativity). The last interests are focused on the study and implementation of reflective educational practices for the formation of the judgment and evaluation skills of educational operators in formal and non-formal contexts. Vice – Director for Research of the Department of Philosophy and Sciences of Education, she is member of several committees of scientific journals and book series, Editor-in-chief of the editorial board of the UJER (Universal Journal of Educational Research), Secretary of C.I.R.Ped. (Italian Center of Pedagogical Reseaarch) and of the Italian department of CESPE (Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios en Epistemología Pedagógica).