Topics of Interest

Improving Teaching and Learning

⭐ Effective Learning Activities, Methodologies and Models, Practice, & Laboratories
⭐ 21st. Century Skills Development & Competences
⭐ Learning Experiences, Student Learning & Diversity & Inclusion Issues
⭐ Education and Difference: Gifted Education, Special Education, Learning Difficulties & Disability
⭐ Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis Support, Retention of Women & Gender Equality
⭐ Adult, Lifelong Learning, & Professional Development
⭐ Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Education, Education & Research, Educational Research Experiences
⭐ Intelligent system in Education and Learning

Technology-Enhanced Learning and Digital Transformation

⭐ Innovation, Challenges, Strategies & Experiences
⭐ Infrastructure & Educational Technologies/ICT Applications/Digital Learning Materials
⭐ Online/E-Learning & Distance Learning
⭐ Mobile Learning, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
⭐ Smart Classroom, Virtual & Remote Labs, Robotics(Online Student Engagement Techniques)
⭐ Social Media Technics on Serious Games, Game-Based Learning and Gamification
⭐ X-Reality and Immersive Learning Environments
⭐ Educational Software and Development
⭐ Multimedia for Education
⭐ Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

Innovation in Teaching & Learning of the Common Core Curriculum

⭐ Mathematics & Natural Sciences
⭐ Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (including ESL / TESL / TEFL)
⭐ Challenging & Preserving: Culture, Inter/Multiculturalism & Language
⭐ Economic, Social and Human Sciences
⭐ Professional, Ethical & Social Responsibility
⭐ Computers for Education
⭐ Transfer of Know-how for Educational Technologies
⭐ Web-Based Education and Training
⭐ Gamified Learning Platforms
⭐ Game-Based Learning Design
⭐ Simulations and Role-Playing Games in Education
⭐ Gamification for Motivation and Engagement

Innovative Applications

⭐ Domain-specific Learning Applications (e.g. language, science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, military, industry)
⭐ Scaling up and Large-scale Deployment of AIED Systems
⭐ E-Learning tools, systems, and applications
⭐ Intelligent system in Education and Learning
⭐ Data-driven Learning Analysis in Education
⭐ Knowledge Management in E-Learning
⭐ e-Laboratory
⭐ New types of Examinations
⭐ Quality Assurance in Educational Technologies

Future Skills and Workforce Development

⭐ Digital Literacy and Cybersecurity Education
⭐ Entrepreneurship Education
⭐ Industry Partnerships for Skill Development
⭐ Future of Work and Lifelong Learning Initiatives
⭐ Mobile App Development for Education
⭐ Location-Based Learning
⭐ Wearable Technology in Education
⭐ Mobile Learning Analytics
⭐ Intelligent Tutoring Systems
⭐ Coding and Computational Thinking Education
⭐ AI-Powered Educational Chatbots